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Thread: Week 2 need help with scroll and stained glass painting.

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    The book Days of Knights and Damsels is not available yet at the library for me to pick up, it's still checked out. Can someone give me an idea of how to do these two crafts, the scroll and stained glass painting? I have an LG student.

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    We'll get right on this tomorrow morning and try to put up some appropriate links for you. Year 2 Arts/Activities

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    Here is the stained glass project: Try to find an old bottle of glue that's almost empty. Add enough black tempera paint to tint the glue black and shake it up. Squirt several lines of glue over the paper in a design - swirls or geometric. After the glue dries, paint in the spaces with different colors of watercolor paint.

    The scroll and carrier: Use a paper towel tube. Trace around the end of the tube on some construction paper and cut out a circle 1 inch bigger all around. Snip 1 inch slits around the edge and glue it to one end of the tube for a bottom. Then wrap and glue strips of construction paper spiraled around the tube for a cover. Punch 2 holes at the open end of the tube and tie a handle of yarn in the holes, to allow it to be hung from a wall or belt or . . . Now just write a message on a piece of paper, roll it up, tie it with ribbon or yarn, and put it in the carrier.

    I hope you can understand my summaries without the pictures. Have fun!
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    Thanks Dana and Janet for the help.

    I tried searching online for an hour and found various cutesy crafts..but I am so tired of researching on the internet..I am just in info overload!! Thanks again for helping.

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