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Thread: Easy Grammar versus Rod & Staff versus Grammar Ace/Keys to Language

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    I bought Easy Grammar 6 for my daughter (this is our first year of homeshcooling). She asks me questions that EG assumes she knows...."has is so NOT a verb"...she asks while giggling.

    I feel like she almost needs an in depth study of all the parts of speech, THEN go on to breaking down sentences.

    Is EG thorough enough? Should I try R&S or should I take her through Grammar Ace this year? & do Keys of Language that Sonlight suggests...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    SAHM of 3b2g

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    Each grammar program has its strengths and weaknesses. I usually start with Easy Grammar with my kids because I like the way they start with prepositions and prepositional phrases. Once you can cross out a prepositional phrase, it makes it much less likely for you to pick your subject from there (e.g. One of the birds was singing. If you cross out "of the birds" then it's pretty obvious that "one" is the subject of the sentence.)

    However, having said that, once my kids get through an Easy Grammar book, I usually move to a Rod and Staff book because they teach diagramming while Easy Grammar does not. My reason is that I had a student who would write the topic sentence of a paragraph of a paper as "Isaac Newton, who was a brilliant inventor, liked to play with toys as a child." Then the entire paragraph would be about his brilliant inventions, even though that was not the main clause of the sentence. Once the kids learned to diagram, they stopped writing topic sentences like that.

    Since this is your first year of homeschooling, my suggestion would probably be to finish the Easy Grammar unless it begins to seem that your daughter is so confused that you aren't really making any progress. Don't expect mastery as it sounds as if she doesn't have much grammar background to build on. Strive instead for a basic introduction to some of these topics (such as action verbs and verbs of being--"has" is a verb because it's a verb of being). Then move to Rod and Staff; however, I wouldn't go above the 6th grade book right now. It is plenty hard enough, even if you don't start it until the 7th grade.

    You don't necessarily need to study all parts of speech before breaking down sentences. If you can find the verb and then find the thing doing the verb (a noun), you can diagram a sentence skeleton. Then you can study adjectives and learn that they modify nouns and that you diagram them under the nouns. Rod and Staff tackles diagramming in this step-by-step approach.

    Hope this helps!

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    Have you considered Analytical Grammar? I will be using it with my 6th grader. Check it out Hope this helps.

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    Hi, Ashley,
    We have used Easy Grammar for years now, after trying lots of other programs. It is simple and concise and my kids have really learned the content so they can remember it. I am a bit surprised, I guess. The developer has a reason for starting with prepositions. I have actually found that by crossing out the prepositional phrases it has really helped ME to help the kids. I DO sit with the kids to go over their mistakes and explain what they did not seem to understand. We go all the way up to Easy Grammar Plus and then switch to A BEKA and/or Rod and Staff. The Easy Grammar helps prepare them for these great programs in high school. I regret not doing EG with my 2 graduated kids (I have 3 at home still). EG has made the transition to High School Grammar much easier on me. When your kids can define the 8 parts of speech and know what each does in the sentence it really helps, no matter what program you use. Since your daughter is still young, she has lots of time to learn these things if you keep at the same program (whatever you use) year after year. You could consider this her primer year and you will see, if you are consistent, that by next year she may be flying with knowing the 8 parts of speech and their place in a sentence. Hope this helps. First year for you is probably overwhelming. Keep plodding! Hope this helps.

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