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    I am wondering how well TOG works w/ the ADHD child, also a struggling reader, in lower grammar stage. Thanks.

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    Although none of my children were ever officially diagnosed as having ADHD, I have heard from many families over the years about how they like to use TOG with their special needs children. Because TOG is so adaptable, it's easy to move kids up or down, shrink or expand assignments, etc.

    Hope this helps some!

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    I have 3 boys all with special needs (ADHD, dyslexia, and Down Syndrome). We have been using TOG since my older son (now 14) was in Upper Grammar. TOG for has been an excellent choice for my family. The lower grammar and upper grammar are excellent because it incorporates the hands on learning needed for ADHD kids. When we transitioned to Dialectic we did most of the reading together and I focused on helping him learn how to pull out the important information. My oldest is know getting ready to transition to Rhetoric. When he was in 4th grade I never thought I'd see the day when he would be on his own reading as much as he does today.

    I have friend whose son struggled with the same issues. He is now in 6th grade. This year has been a landmark year for him. At the beginning of the year there were many tears and she never thought they'd get through the material. She would have quit if she had not committed to a coop. Now we are on week 32 and he as turned the corner and is able to do the reading and questions on his own.

    The road my not be easy but TOG has definitely assisted in bring our boys to a level we may not have thought possible.

    Hope this helps,


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