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    I just downloaded Year 2. This will be our first time using TOG. I see that in the first week we are to learn about nouns, but I don't see the resources for how to teach about them. I, of course, can handle teaching something as simple as nouns, but wonder if I'm missing something. Do I need to order the writing aids for this information?

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    Hi, "M"

    Welcome to Tapestry of Grace. The basic answer is "it depends."

    Writing Aids tells you details about implementing various genres of writing, but it is not a grammar handbook. Thus, the basic answer to your real question, "Do I need Writing Aids to know enough to implement the writing assignments offered on pages 8-10 of each Tapestry week-plan?" is "Yes, unless you already know how to instruct about report writing, or compare/contrast writing, or other genres."

    However, your question above HAPPENS to center on nouns, which brings up the point that Writing Aids is not a Grammar handbook. In it, we do offer creative teaching approaches to grammar with young students, but you would also need (over the years) a Grammar handbook, and we recommend that you use a simple Grammar program with your children: the Easy Grammar series, which our sister store, Bookshelf Central, carries.


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    Thank you!

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