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    Dd is enrolled in LLC this fall and will be taking Year 1 D History and Literature. I am preparing to purchase my year 1 materials and would like to know if I need to purchase Mapaids and Evaluations, or if those materials will be provided within the course.

    Thank you so much,

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    Great question! We leave the use of Mapaids and Evaluations up to each individual family. We don't require the use of Mapaids or Evaluations, but some families choose to use them to enrich their child's experience.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


    Barb Spanier
    Lampstand Learning Center

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    Thank you, Barb. That helps!

    We are so excited to be enrolled in LLC this year!!


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    Hi Lisa!

    As one of the teachers of D history this year and next, I just would like to add my viewpoint for consideration.

    Map Aids are a helpful tool, especially at the D level, in that they help a student to "see" where the places and people are. However, many of us just don't have the time to go through atlases to finish the geography assignments each week. One way to simplify these assignments, which I use with my own family, is to give the students both the blank and answer maps provided in Map Aids. Just the act of copying the information onto their own maps does a decent job of acquainting the students with the visual picture, and requires little work from the parent.

    Evaluations can be an important aid, as well. The grade we will be giving you is only for the discussion participation. We will not be grading the written out accountability and thinking questions and the writing, and we will not be testing them on their overall knowledge. Using the Evaluations can give you another component to add into their grading scheme for the year.

    I hope this helps you with your decision.
    Sheri <><
    homeschool mom of 3 in Virginia

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