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Thread: FS: Y3 Books (G/D/R)

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    Prices do not include Media Mail shipping. Please send me your address w/zip code and I can tell you exactly what your shipping cost will be.

    Rhetoric Books:

    Victoria & Albert DVD Set (viewed twice)$12.00

    Patience (DVD) (new - unopened) $15.00

    Heart of Darkness and the Secret Sharer $2.00

    An Ideal Husband $1.00

    Democracy in America (Tocqueville) $10.00 - This includes a printed copy of GRADE SAVER for this book.

    Resources for Y3:

    Cooking Up US History (Barchers/Marden) (G/UG/D) (new) $8.00

    George Washington Carver (Sower Series) (new) $3.00

    Civil War, The Library of Congress (Sandler) (G/UG) $3.00

    A Separate Battle, Women and the Civil War (Chang) (G/UG) (new) $3.00

    Everything You Need to Know About American History Homework (Kelly) (UG) $3.50

    DK American Revolution (UG/D) (new) $5.00

    A New Nation is Born, Milliken (new) (UG/D/R) $5.00

    National Park Famous American Series, George Washington $2.00

    America’s Providential History (Beliles & McDowell) (new) (UG/D/R) $5.00

    Hooked on Presidents! 75 Ready to Use Puzzles (1789-1994) (D/R) $2.00

    DK Eyewitness Books Presidents (includes Obama) (D/R) $6.00

    Usborne Encyclopedia of World Geography (like new) (UG/D/R) $15.00

    The Colonies Move Toward Independence, Milliken (new) (UG/D/R) $5.00

    The Revolutionary War, Milliken, (new) (UG/D/R) $5.00

    A Basic History of the US, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, Clarence B. Carson
    1607-1774; 1775-1825; 1826-1877; 1878-1928; 1929-1985 (D/R) $45

    Great WW II Projects You Can Build Yourself (Bell-Rehwoldt) (UG/D/R) $5.00

    Famous Men of Modern Times (Haaren/Poland) Memoria Press (new) (UG/D) $5.00

    Scholastic Encyclopedia of the US at War (American Revolution - Gulf War) $5.00Rhetoric Books:

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    Are any of your books still available?

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    No, I'm sorry they are not...I ended up giving most of the away. :-(

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