We want to offer here an opportunity for Tapestry moms to buy and sell used Tapestry products and related resources, but there are a couple of things you should know in making Tapestry purchases.

1. The Loom CD is an ESSENTIAL component of any printed Tapestry year-plan. Please make sure that it is included if you’re considering purchasing a secondhand year-plan or unit. You will have difficulty using the year plan without it, and Lampstand Press DOES NOT sell the Loom separately.

2. Also please be aware that if somebody is selling a year-plan without a Loom CD, it may be a copy that was purchased as part of a DE/Print package, and those are not legally resalable due to copyright issues.

3. Lampstand Press no longer honors 1/2 price upgrade coupons for Classic plans that were not purchased from us. If you purchased Classic TOG from us directly, however, you can still use your 1/2 price coupon to upgrade to either printed or DE or DE/Printed TOG, by the unit or by the year-plan. You must call Customer Service to make this 1/2 price upgrade.

4. While we make these forums available, all agreements between sellers and buyers using this forum are strictly between them. Lampstand Press is not obligated to support used curriculum sales in any way by supplying missing pages or parts, nor do we police situations where sellers do not follow through on promises to deliver products or misrepresent products they sell. Buyers, please exercise caution, therefore.

5. As a reminder, we advise you that all transactions through this forum are at your own risk. Should you find yourself needing to dispute a transaction, PayPal provides easy instruction on how to do so. When you’re logged into your PayPal account, click on "Security and Protection" in the upper right-hand corner.