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    I have TOG Yr1 re-design in print but at the moment everything is in storage. I'm trying to plan our purchases for the beginning of the year (Sept) and need a list of supplies, tab dividers, binders that kind of thing. Can anyone help me out? We're doing 2 LG and 2 UG

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    We don't have a supply list as such, as it varies tremendously from family to family. That said, be sure and read your Year-Plan introduction, as there are lots of information about setting up notebooks and such. You will likely need a binder for every student, although *how* you set them up is again a personal choice. We used dividers labelled 1-36 (to match the week-plans). You can get the dividers from Lampstand Press, or get some generic ones at your office supply store.

    If you choose to do a Grammar and Composition Notebook, you will either need a separate notebook for each student, or just a separate section in the previously mentioned one.

    I bought an 1 1/2 inch binder each year for each student and had to empty it out at semester break.

    Hope this helps some!

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