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Thread: Length of Bible Reading?

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    We are in Y1 Redesigned and it says to read all of Numbers and Deut. 29-34. Are we supposed to be reading this from the Bible or the DK Family Bible? We are having a hard time getting all the reading finished.

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    I'd personally use the DK Bible as much as possible, and audio if you have it available, especially for really long assignments such as this.

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    What is the dk family bible?

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    I'm one week ahead of you.

    The DK Bible is a cross between a story Bible and a full Bible and just contains some of the scripture along with narrative to tie things together. I had used it for the Patriarch's readings earlier in the year, but for this section, I didn't feel it covered the material well enough.

    What I did was to go through Numbers and describe what is happening "they take a census." My Bible has headings so I used those. But anytime something important happens in terms of a story (Korah for instance) I stopped and read it.

    This ended up taking 6 days of school time to get through with Numbers and it could take longer if you have younger children and read shorter selections.

    Now, I am just going to read the Deuteronomy chapters one each day.

    This has made the Bible readings go longer than the week, but the next 3 weeks leave the Mediterranean area and don't have Bible readings. That works for me.

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    We also listen to the Bible on cd--that helps get through the longer readings, and the kids seem to really enjoy listening. I enjoy it too

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    I just looked at the accountability questions and figured out which chapters they had to read and just assigned those chapters.

    I just switched this year from Sonlight to TOG and I am still having a hard time with TOG even though I'm at week 11 already. Some of the things that could be changed are: looking into ultralong Bible readings like this and chopping it; having answers to the dialectic questions separate from the rhetoric questions. Yes, I know many of the questions are the same but I feel I spend an extraordinary amount of time having to sift through the R answers. Also, having to hunt and hunt for some answers that are not given.

    Still trying to like TOG,

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