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Thread: A few good LG books

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    Hi, I have 3 girls at all different levels and will be using mostly UG books but would like a few LG books....mostly fiction ones that I will read to them. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks

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    Hi Randi,
    Did you look on the alternates page of each week-plan? There are often suggestions there.

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    Hi Dana,
    Sorry...I don't think I was clear in my post. I am buying all of the UG books and would ike to buy maybe 5-10 of the LG books for my 2nd grader to read to herself or for me to read to her and I was wondering if anyone could suggest their favorite books from the Y2 LG Redesigned list? There are 80 books on the list and I was
    wondering if anyone could recommend their top 10? I know I am goin to get Martin Luther but I am looking for help with the rest.


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    I am wondering the same thing. Did you ever decide?? I simply can't spend the money for all 3 levels right now. I wish I could. I've tried and tried to talk my dh into it, to no avail. ;-) We'll have LG, UG and D levels. I'll buy all/most of the LG and D level books, so I can't do the same for the UG. I can NOT decide what to get. It's too hard.
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    Thankfully we have a good library and inter library loan so I don't have to buy as many books.

    Here are some that we bought...

    The Squire and the Scroll (and The Princess and the Kiss...not on the list but good for girls)
    The Matchlock Gun
    The Courage of Sarah Noble

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    Mom2four...thanks for the suggestions. Grateful for me and I will send you a list of what I came up with. I did end up buying all of the upper grammer books since my older daughter is the one who likes to read. I will also use some of the UG to use as read alouds for all 3. I did it this way this past year and it worked well.

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    Hi Randi! My children are younger, too. We completed Redesign Y2 last year, starting out with mostly LG books, but ending the year with mostly UG books.

    Some of the books they remember enjoying (hopefully these are LG)...U1 Margaret Makes a Book AND Minstrel in the Tower...U2 I, Juan de Pareja AND Morning Girl AND Huguenot Garden (the LOVED Huguenot Garden) AND Katje the Windmill Cat...U3 Potomac Captive AND Blackthorn Winter...U4 Arrow Over the Door AND Drums at Saratoga AND Sign of the Beaver.

    They enjoyed all of the books throughout Y2, except Paddle-to-the-Sea. I'm not sure why they didn't like this one. They did, however, like the French songs in the back of the book.

    I don't know if this info. will help, but thought I'd pass it along.

    -Carol in MA

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