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Thread: HELP, Ray!

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    I'm glad you'll be looking into it. I just thought that it was a problem that Safari was having with Locklizard.

    Thanks for all you are doing to help us be able to use the DE in an efficient way! This technological know-how is way beyond me.

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    Just for your info:
    For me, Firefox (3....-version) is working very nicely with the TOG-interface (all of that under Lion).


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    Thank you. I did download Firefox to see if it would work, but it is version 5.0. I can see the interface, but I cannot get the content unless I re-download it each time. I'm just not computer savvy enough to figure out how to keep it accessible. I'm so glad it's working for you with Lion. I guess the problem really is just Safari.

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    We live in Europe, so when I looked for "Firefox" in Google, it took me to the international download site for Firefox... There I chose the US-version, but indicated that I lived in Europe... The version that was downloaded was older (3something...). As soon as the download was finished, I was invited to update, which I declined (I was so eager to try out if TOG was going to work...lucky me!). did work! From the interface, just like before!

    Do you think there is a way you could access that "Old Europe-version", LOL?

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    I wonder....

    If not, wouldn't that be a good excuse to go visit Europe?

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    Hello, I was having the same problem with my Lion and browsers; however, I am now using Google Chrome as my default browser, the latest version 12.0.742.122, and it works great! It is fast and easy. At first it was seeming to download the information and keeping it at the bottom of the screen for me to click on in order to open it, but I simply chose "do this for all files like this" or something similar and now it just opens it automatically. If I click the green plus in the upper left corner of the screen, after LockLizard opens, I can even get full screen TOG.

    A couple of small catches, I had my trackpad set to two finger swipe to scroll between pages (aka: as the "back" and "forward" button) and it did not work with Chrome, so I had to set it to three fingers (no problem.) Also, when you are in full screen Chrome you cannot use your dock unless you swipe out to Mission Control and then choose from the dock from there. Apple assures me that this is a bug and will possibly be fixed in the future. (The more people who let them know about the problem, the more likely they are to fix it.) BTW the same problem with the dock is there in full screen Firefox, but not in Safari.

    Also, this does fill up my downloads folder pretty quickly, but you can choose the sprocket in the downloads folder and choose "clean up by kind" it will group all of the downloaded LockLizard files together and you can select them all at once and move them to the trash.

    Well, I don't really know that much about computers, but with the web you can do almost anything! ha ha
    (It's just like teaching homeschool, I don't know all that stuff about 3rd grade grammar or history, but with the right book, you can teach anything!)



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    Thank you Heather!!

    This sounds better than what I have been doing with my old Firefox ;-)))

    I will play around a bit tomorrow, and will follow your advice!

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    I just ran into this problem today, where Safari won't open TOG pages. I noticed I did pick up 5.1 in a recent update.

    Are you saying that I can't use Safari and TOG unless I:
    1. Downgrade
    2. Go to Lion? (based on the Locklizard/Lion thread)

    Thanks for the help.


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    Hi, Joe!

    Actually, Safari won't work with Lion either (yet).

    The only version of Safari that Lion runs is 5.1, which is the version that doesn't work.

    So, for now, it's either stay with Safari and Snow Leopard (and downgrade Safari to 5.0.5 with the combo update) or upgrade to Lion and use a browser other than Safari.

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    Can someone explain how to downgrade to 5.0.5? I just updated and have the same problem where none of my links will come up. I tried to figure it out, but had no luck.

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