Taken from the August 2011 Newsletter:

Because Marcia and Scott Somerville (who started Lampstand Press over ten years ago) live in Maryland, a Gaithersburg office housing Tapestry's Development Team, Customer Support personnel, and the Tapestry Bookstore were initially set up in a local warehouse.

Meanwhile, as many of you know, our beloved Dana Caywood, who has been with us almost from the beginning of the Tapestry voyage, resides in Kingsport, TN. She started using Tapestry there with her three sons. Seeing a weakness with Tapestry's Literature aids, Dana humbly contacted Marcia to see if she would be interested in help with writing Literature worksheets for Classic Year 2. Because of her set of serious gifts and talents, about five years ago Dana became a Vice President of Lampstand Press in charge of product support. However, she also continued to wear co-author and administration hats at Lampstand Press.

About two years ago, she purchased the Tapestry Bookshelf, renaming it Bookshelf Central. She currently runs Bookshelf Central in Kingsport as an independent company with the aid of her eldest son and general manager, David Caywood.

Dana is also credited with first hiring Ray Johnson as a Product Support Assistant. We at Lampstand Press quickly came to see that Ray also has many gifts and talents, and because of his faithful, diligent, and humble service, Ray was promoted to eventually become head over all matters technical. He has served us and you with excellence, especially during the creation of Tapestry DE. For the last two years, Ray has been Technical Director for Lampstand Press in a satellite office in Kingsport. His wife, Debbie, uses Tapestry of Grace in their home with their four children.

We currently have staffers who work in Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida, and that doesn't count LLC teachers! In the last year, it has become increasingly clear to the leaders of Lampstand Press that for certain functions, working remotely has proven more difficult and costly than it needs to be, especially since the development phase of Lampstand Press has drawn to a close. Dana has located warehouse space for Lampstand Press to rent in Kingsport. Given her long-time expertise in supporting you, our customers, we feel excited to announce that, in mid-August, we will be closing our Gaithersburg and Kingsport locations and moving Ray into a new space next to Bookshelf Central which will house both our Customer Service and Technical Support departments. Ray will become Lampstand Press's Office Manager and remain head of Technical Support. Dana will be able to both manage Bookshelf Central and head up Customer Service for Lampstand Press more closely and easily.

This move is not a merge of the finances or personnel (except for Dana) of Lampstand Press and Bookshelf Central, however. We will be two independent companies under one roof, renting two adjoining spaces. This means, for instance, that we will not be able to merge shipping functions or charges for Lampstand Press and Bookshelf Central products during 2011.

As a result of this move, we will unfortunately be saying goodbye to three very special ladies in mid-August as we close our Gaithersburg office: Juli Calderone, Sarah Somerville, and Tarrah Greer. We could not have built Lampstand Press to what it has become without the significant contributions of these co-workers. All three of these gals have been with us for multiple years, and it has been very hard to come to this decision. However, true to their godly characters, they are helping us with this transition and trusting God for their futures. We are in prayer for the next phase of their professional lives to become clear to them, and that God would prosper them as they go. Would you please join us in this as well? Thank you, in advance.

We will be physically moving office furniture and inventory during the week of August 8-12. We are working to be set up and running in Kingsport by August 15, God helping. We are hiring a few new staffers in Kingsport to cover the functions that we are losing in Gaithersburg. Obviously, there will be an interval when new people come up to full speed in answering your questions. We do anticipate that there will be some bumps along the road, and we'll need to ask you to be patient with these new staff members, and with Ray and Dana, as they work on your behalf to consolidate Lampstand Press under their capable leadership.

Ultimately, this move should help us to serve you better than ever before. However, we ask for your patience during the move, especially during the week of August 8-12. We anticipate that Lampstand Press phones may be down at unforeseen intervals during this week, but you should be able to reach key Lampstand personnel via Bookshelf Central's phone lines (which will remain open) at 1-877-394-7601.