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    Is anyone doing anything fun for vocabulary? I'm at a loss for ideas and don't want my children looking up all of the terms in dictionary.

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    How old are your students?

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    I'm just allowing my 2nd and 3rd graders (doing mostly UG so far, but also dipping into LG) to absorb what they can through the reading. We are doing maps and attempting lapbooking, and that is (more than?) enough for us.

    I'm focusing on thinking and accountability questions with my D students.

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    I'm sorry that I didn't include their ages. I have an UG (11) and D (13). They are capable of working independently. I wasn't sure if I should make them look all of words in a dictionary or not. That seems too much like public school to me.


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    One fun thing might be to have them search for the words through their reading each week (both on their own and any read alouds you do together). Then they could guess at the meaning based on the context. This would let you know if they understand the word, and wouldn't be as "strict" as having them look up the words.

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    If you have evaluations there is a glossary of vocabulary by week, as well as a people glossary. This is very helpful!

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    I was at a loss for vocabulary when we started last year and found a great thread that I printed out...I'm not very computer savy so I can't seem to find the link to give you but I'll give you the ideas from what I printed out, it was a reply from Dana. She suggested using the words in conversation more often, making flashcards (definition on one side, definition on other), print words with definitions ( will print out a glossary for you) and go over them through the week, divide a paper in 10 parts and have kids write a word and illustrate in each square, have the children make hidden pictures with words and then mom has to find them (my kids love this one!), make puzzles with the words ( I hope it is ok for me to give you someone else's ideas--we used most of them and they were so helpful. Wish I could find the thread for you, sorry! Hope that is helpful.

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    All of the suggestions from each lady has been helpful. I love to hear what works for each family. I did make a crossword puzzle for my Ds for Lit. I only found LG and UG vocab. in the glossary. Maybe I need to look harder in Evaluations. Thanks Mary for the ideas and websites.

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