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Thread: not crossing the Red Sea?

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    Ok, I know I've seen something about this but I cannot find the thread. We are on week 3 and my oldest asked me as he was doing the map work... I thought they crossed the Red Sea???? The Bible atlas I have as well as the answer key don't have it. A post below says something about the Reed Sea??? Anyway, help me someone. Maybe I just missed it in the teacher's notes somewhere.

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    RUN, don't walk!, to your library or anywhere else you can find a video entitled "The Exodus Revealed: Search for the Red Sea Crossing." Use inter-library loan (ILL) if you can't get it at your local library - it's well worth waiting for. We got it about 5 days ago from our library and have watched it twice; our whole family including dh are enthralled with it. It provides strong evidence (I wouldn't say definitive or conclusive, but solid evidence) that the Israelites did in fact exist, that they lived in Egypt beginning around 1900 B.C., that they entered Canaan sometime around 1400-1500 B.C., and that they crossed the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba before proceeding to Mt. Sinai "in Arabia," as Paul says in Galatians.

    We have been careful to say that the evidence "points to," not "proves," and have pointed out that what these people have found doesn't necessarily mean their theories are right. It's been a tremendous boost to my kids' faith, though, to realize that there are scholars who take the Bible seriously, and that by studying it carefully, they are able to form hypotheses that ARE supported by evidence.

    I don't know what the teacher maps say, or what the Bible atlas says, but when we do the maps showing the route of the Exodus, we are going to map the route suggested by this movie. We've seen three different movies about archaeological evidence for the Exodus; this is by far the best and takes the Bible (and in my opinion the historical evidence as well) the most seriously.


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    We did the exact same thing as Deanna. This is such a great movie. When we did this map, I used the route that was suggested in the movie.

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