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Thread: Gods Desing for Science?

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    Hi i just ordered this series and wondering if anyone else has used it? I just ordered Y2 redesign and wondering if i could match up some of the science with history? Any help would be great thanks billiejo
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    We use the God's Design Series from Answers in Genesis with our youngers. I don't worry about lining up the science with the history. I do try to line up the younger science with the high schoolers. Our high schoolers are working through Apologia Chemistry so I'm have the younger students do the Chemistry books in the God's Design Series. (We do this orally.) Both programs honor God and are great for moms like me who are science challenged.
    Blessings to you and your family.
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    Hi thanks so much for answering, i am science challenged also!! I figured this series would help that!! I have a 6th and 3rd grader in the fall and figured the older one would do apologia in 9th and up but this looked good to use for now till then and i can use them for both girls so i bought the whole big set of them so i have all the diffent ones they make!! Thanks for reassuring my choice! God bless, billiejo
    married 19 years
    homeschooling 2 dd's
    3 children, ds18,dd14,dd11

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    I've used this series for two years and we've loved it. I did it with three boys one year and four the next (grades 4-7). (One boy was mine and the others were friends.) We would read it aloud and I would write important info on a white board for them to copy. We then did the activity. I had them write short summaries of the special feature articles and do the quizzes/tests at home. It was very little prep for me and very thorough for the boys. I had them keep a notebook which my son enjoyed. We used the earth science series and the physics series.

    I really like the thorough and systematic nature of this series - very classical in its approach from that perspective.

    I agree that science doesn't need to match up with history although I heard someone suggest the following: study biology while studying ancient history, earth science during medieval (astronomy, geology, etc.), chemistry during the 1800's, and physics during the 20th century. Of course you need to consider what your children have already studied and what they still need.

    Hope this helps.


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    I've never lined up Science with History...but what everyone has already posted makes sense!!

    We just started using the God's Design for Life Series -- The Human Body. We had a BLAST today with Lesson 5 -- "Name Those Bones!" The kids put on bathing suits and used washable gel pens to label the bones on their skin!! (I have to admit that at first I was a little "nervous" about letting the kids write on themselves but when I saw how much they were learning and how much fun they were having, I totally relaxed and had fun taping them and taking pictures.)

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