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Thread: Can't print from laptop

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    A few weeks ago I spent hours on the phone with Ray (God bless that patient man) with no success.
    I pop in the CD & open Loom or Map Aid documents on the laptop & try to print. I get a "close screen capture" message & it refuses to do anything. I have searched all through the laptop & can't find anything that I recognize as a screen capture program. Any suggestions?
    I've been using the old desktop to print, but need to figure this out soon since the desktop appears to be on its last leg. :-(

    Thank you!
    Holly in MI

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    Wanting to give credit where credit is due, I think that was Alex (but my memory is fuzzy here in my advanced years, so...)

    Does LockLizard tell you WHICH screen capture program it "sees"? If it DOESN'T, that means you need to update LockLizard. If it DOES, please let us know which program is listed and we'll do some more research.

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    Hi Ray!

    It does NOT say which screen capture program it "sees".
    I will try to update LockLizard & see what happens.

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    No luck. I actually re-installed LockLizard & still no luck.
    I am completely stumped.

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    After reinstalling LockLizard, does it now say what the screen grabber program is?

    Which version of LockLizard are you using?

    Mac: LockLizard Safeguard Viewer Menu > About LockLizard Safeguard Viewer

    PC: Start > (All) Programs > LockLizard > Lizard Safeguard > PDF Viewer > About

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    It still doesn't say which screen grabber.
    I am using version 2.5.152

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    Hmmm. That's the current version. What is the EXACT error message (including anything in the title bar of the error window)? (And do you have Dropbox installed? That used to give false positives.)

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    Hmmm... is right. I have no idea what Dropbox is. I don't know where to look to find out.

    The title bar says: LockLizard Secure Viewer

    The exact error message is:
    Please close your screen capture application and press OK to continue. (capture.exe)

    Thank you again, Ray, for your help.

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    Hello Holly!

    I believe what you need to do is close that capture.exe program that LockLizard specifies is keeping you from opening the files.

    To do that:

    1. Right-click on your task bar (the bar usually at the bottom of your screen). Select Task Manager from the list.

    2. Switch to the "Processes" tab, then click the "Image Name" heading to sort the processes alphabetically. Also make sure that the checkbox "Show processes from all users" is checked.

    3. Then look through the list of processes for "capture.exe". If you find one, click to select it and then click the "End Process" button.

    This will close that process and most likely allow you to view your files. If it doesn't, or if you have any other problems, please give us a call at 1-877-621-7021 and we'll do our best to help!
    Alex Holt
    Technical Support Specialist
    Lampstand Press

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    Woo Hoo! It worked! Thank you!
    It was a hidden program "uArc".
    It didn't show up anywhere until I hit the show all option!
    Thank you!

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