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Thread: pg. numbers for alternate/extra resources for UG Yr.3 Unit 1 wk.2

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    Hi! In Yr.3 Unit 1 week 2 in the reading assign. for UG in the Worldview section in the alternate or extra resources column it has listed the book: Window on the World, by Spraggett and Johnstone with this also (J266) which I am assuming is the call number for the book. And then in caps it has: PRAY FOR THE SPIRITUAL NEEDS OF THOSE IN FRANCE TODAY. The problem, however is that there is no chapter or page numbers listed for them to read for that week; so, I looked in the table of contents for something to do with France, and no luck there, so... I am wondering if anyone has that info. for me..the page numbers for them to read for that week. The sooner the better please! Thanks!!

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    Hi Tanya,
    It looks like you've discovered an error as that book doesn't have any missions references to France at all. I'd encourage you instead to find out if your denomination's mission organization has any online presences to the work they are doing in France, and pray for that instead.

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