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Thread: HELP, Ray!

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    Well, I did NOT update to 10.7...just to 10.68...and I can't open a single document any more...

    I did understand from your sticky (and the e-mail you sent), that upgrading to Lion was not advisable to do. But I certainly did not expect to run into this kind of trouble with a "regular" standard update...

    Just for info: The interface looks perfectly normal, but nothing happens when I click on a link to a document...

    Is there a way to "grade down"?


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    It sounds like there was a change to the way Safari handles links. We saw a similar problem in Firefox a year or so ago that happened when they updated their Mac version of the software. Until we can get this tested and resolved, another customer has found that she can access her documents by going in the Finder to Applications > Tapestry of Grace and then the appropriate pdcs_ folder. (If you're not sure which document to select, you can hover over the link in the Interface. That will show the filename in the bottom of the window.)

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    Hello Ray,

    Thank you for your reply!

    ...I have good news for you: When I realized last night that I had compromised my access to TOG through my Mac (unvoluntarily), I decided to go through with installing Lion (OS X 10.7)and use TOG from my other (PC) Computers for the time being...

    Now I went back and did as you advised...and it works...even with Lion!
    So...I pushed it further...and TOG works (almost) perfectly with Firefox!!!

    The one little "thing" is, that before opening any document from TOG I am asked for a confirmation about whether I want to use Locklizard to open the file... The option of using "always" as the default answer is shadowed.

    I am so relieved...and am now ready to wait patiently until the guys from Locklizard figure out the details for Safari... ;-)

    I thought all of this might be interesting for you...


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    Hi, Katrin!

    Please let us know exactly what DOES work ...

    We know that 10.6.7 works with everything.

    10.6.8 didn't SEEM to work with Safari without doing the combo upgrade (which reverts Safari back to 5.0.5)

    We were told that 10.7 won't work with ANYTHING (until LockLizard releases an update). Are you saying you are able to use Lion? If so, with which internet browser and which version of the browser? Or, are you just opening your LockLizard documents from the Finder, skipping the Interface altogether?

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    Hi Ray,

    I am indeed using the regular interface...

    I changed my default browser to Firefox, so it opens any link I click on directly from the interface, after asking me for confirmation that I want to use Locklizard...

    Too good to be true... But it works!


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    ...and, yes, I am on Lion now (since last night)...

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    Firefox and Lion do not work together for me. The interface does not work at all.

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    I do not understand this...!

    I am using Lion (10.7) with (Modzilla) Firefox 3.0.1...
    Could this work because my Firefox-version is a very old one (I was asked to upgrade, but postponed...)???

    Well, I will hold on to this old Firefox-version, until I understand WHY it is working for me - and it really is working perfectly (apart of constantly asking for confirmation that I want to open the document with Locklizard)...


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    I also "upgraded" to 10.6.8, thinking it was fine.

    It's not. I understand that we can still access files by going to finder, but that is very cumbersome and time consuming.

    Will this issue be fixed when the new, improved Locklizard comes out?

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    What you're describing (having to go through the Finder to open .pdc documents with LockLizard) isn't a LockLizard issue. That's a problem with the browser (I assume you're using Safari).

    I'm testing upgrading with different versions and browsers today and tomorrow and hopefully will have some answers for you tomorrow.

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