Mrs. Moore,
Thanks so much for your observations! I am currently working through Year 1 to find discrepancies in the Teacher's Notes, Weekly Overview Pages, etc. to see how we can improve them. It's a very slow process, but please be assured that we are making the attempt.

Regarding coloring books...for any given coloring book, it is our suggestion to *read* the book rather than try to color it all in one week. The student can, of course, color a few pages, and you can date them. Then, over the course of the year, or even in the next rotation, other children can color more pages, or the same student can finish coloring them and see how his coloring skills have progressed.

You've hit the nail on the head regarding some book choices. Because it is our goal to offer only books in print as primary resources (and thus the availability of them), some of the books, such as Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times, have wormed their way into our alternate resources and it's not always easy finding something we like as much. We do though, always try to find something appropriate.

Anytime you'd like to find a different title, other than our suggestions (such as the Ancient Mexico coloring book), look in the next level up. You might like the one we offer for UG instead.

Thanks again for taking the time to type up your thoughts! We do appreciate your prayers as well, while we look through Year 1 to see what can be improved upon.