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    I've become a bit anxious trying to decide how much time to expect my dd 3rd grader to read in regards to TOG. I believe she would be classified as somewhere between LG and UG because she still doesn't read incredibly fast. How much time per day should I expect - OR - what is the best way to go about requiring her reading? And how much should I read aloud to her?

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    In general, for that age, I stuck to about 20 min. I didn't tell that to the children, but rather I kind of had my eye on the clock and when I figured out about how much the child could read in that time then I scheduled that amount of pages for each day.

    Another way I decided was at a certain point my son would get all jumbled in his reading and then I knew it was time to stop. If he didn't get too far then he read once early in the school day and another reading time later in the day.

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    That seems to be what I'm doing. And I know the "jumbled" reading you mentioned. That's usually my clue, as well. When I hear about all these avid readers throughout this forum, I get very concerned that we're not reading enough. ugh! We currently have about five different books going, but my dc don't sit and read for long periods of time. It's always usually a matter of my own insecurities. Thanks for your reply

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    Well, my dd is younger, but I've been struggling with this too. She's a good reader, but I just can't figure out how much she should be reading independently - and of that, how much should be reading aloud to me, and how much to herself - and how much I should be reading to her.

    For this past week what I did was not assign any of the TOG readings for her to do. I planned to do all our ToG reading aloud to her. I picked out a bunch of library books that I thought she would enjoy and whenever I needed to be doing something else for a few minutes (laundry, dishes, toddler, and repeat, repeat, repeat, LOL) I would set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes and tell her to read. She could pick whatever book she wanted, but she had to read for the alloted time. Turned out to be several times a day, and sometimes I'd have her read aloud and sometimes not. I figured out that even though she's capable of reading full-length chapter books or whatever, she's intimidated by the length - "It's too loooong!" is what I hear immediately. I think setting the timer helped - it didn't matter if she only got 5 pages read in those 10 minutes, as long as she was reading.

    I'm rambling sorry. Anyway, I don't know that there's any correct answer, but it seems to be somewhere in the 15-30 minute range for that age. And for us, breaking it up into lots of shorter periods throughout the day helps.


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    I have learned, as well, that the time limit idea works. And it goes right along with my Charlotte Mason mentality!

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