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Thread: Year 2 Redesigned + books, writing aids

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    I have a copy of Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Redesigned. It is in 2 binders but does not include the Loom. I am pricing it at $120 shipping included.

    I also have these books available from year 2. The prices do NOT include shipping. I will combine shipping on items. The Norton Anthologies are huge and heavy - FYI.

    Age of Religious Wars - Dunn $6 (not a great copy - but cheap)
    Eighteenth Century Europe - Woloch $12
    Age of Revolution and Reaction 1789-1850 - Bruenig $10 (this is the 2nd edition of the title Revolutionary Era 1789-1850)
    On the Medieval Origins of the Modern State - $8
    Antebellum America - $18
    Theme is Freedom - $8
    A Poetry Handbook - Mary Oliver $6
    Norton Anthology of English Literature 8th Ed $25
    Norton Anthology of Western Literature 8th Edition $25
    Words of Delight - Ryken $18
    Music: An Appreciation - Kamien (book only) $4

    Writing Aids $35

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    Kimberly, do you still have the books for Y2 available?
    Julie S.

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