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    Could Spelling Power's upper level flow-word lists be used as a Rhetoric level vocabulary program or do I need to purchase another program?

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    I suspect you need a vocabulary program. Spelling Power focuses on the most common words in the English language but vocabulary on the SAT will expect more than that.

    You maybe able to design one out of your TOG vocabulary from books and literature. I think to do that you will need a self-aware and self-motivated student who can pick out unfamiliar words and put them on flash cards, look up their meanings, and use them.

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    Dear Susan,

    I would either purchase another program or use lists from the internet.

    Two I have bookmarked are Vocabulary Vitamins and Wordsmyth.

    Vocabulary Vitamins delivers a word a day to your inbox. The words are organized by a weekly theme.

    Registration is free at Wordsmyth. You then have access to several vocabulary lists, including a college entrance list. You can also make quizzes and print them out.

    I'm sure there are other similar services out there.

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