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Thread: D not wanting to do Church History

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    I have a D-level student and I think she's feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work in this our 2nd week of school. She doesn't want to do Church History, but instead wants to do the Fine Arts reading.

    I'm all for starting slowly, but some of the discussion questions are answered in the Church History reading, as well as the Evaluations and other material. I remember reading that especially in YR 2 Church History and History really overlap.

    I'm afraid my D daughter will be frustrated if she tries to do the Church History readings, but frustrated if she doesn't in that she won't be able to do some of the assignments.

    Any suggestions?

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    My D daughter struggled with this one, too. The questions in the D book were difficult to answer, too, and I often had trouble getting the answer myself. What we did was to have her read the UG church history, and we just explained any crucial information from the teacher's notes as needed. HTH,
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    Hi Hilary,
    If she isn't ready for church history, consider using the upper grammar assignments instead. If something in history requires reading from the church history book, it will clearly say so. However, off hand, I can't recall anytime that reading from the church history book is required for general history. I'm thinking that what you read is referring to the fact that the *topics* overlap. The general history of that time frame was largely driven by the church, and history readings reflect that.

    Lastly, if ever you do choose an alternate text (church history or any other), you can lecture on points that the other book doesn't cover.

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    Thanks for your good suggestions. I'll read the other post, give her the UG church history books, and fill her in with any information she didn't get.

    Thanks for all your help,
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