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    We are loving TOG and are trying to find the best way to use the evaluations for our family. One thing that I, and some others, in our co-op have discussed is that we wish there was a built in week for review at the end of each unit. It has been very difficult to do a week's worth of work, finish projects and last minute preparations for our unit celebrations as well as adequately review everything for the unit and take the test.

    For the rest of the year we have decided to give ourselves a week of review (and catch up) before taking the exams. Can ya'll make a suggestion for how we can cut back and combine a couple weeks in each unit so we do not need to add an entire month to our school year?

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    I understand what you mean. I don't really have a great blanket answer for you. I guess the best option would be to look at the unit as a whole, choose the two lightest weeks (consecutive), isolate the threads that you want to focus on, and then lighten the totality of page #s and questions assigned.

    The other option would be simply to choose a week that you consider the least important, and simply lecture on it the week before and require the student to take notes. If you do this, make sure you include points in the lecture that may be on the test.

    Hope this helps!
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