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    Could someone describe to me the difference between Dialectic Acct & Thinking questions vs
    the Evaluations (pop-quiz), please.


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    Hi Lisa,
    The thinking and accountability questions are part of the Student Activity Pages and are to be answered as the student reads his or her assignments. These are to prepare for discussion. The Accountability quetions focus more on covering the data from the readings, and the Thinking questions focus more on processing the information. The Evaluations are a separet eProduct that you can purchase for any or all levels. These give you a weekly quiz/test (includes an essay portion at the R level) to help you evaluate your students understanding. It also gives you something in writing if you need it for a portfolio. Evaluations also included unit tests and literature tests at the D and R levels. Pop-quiz is a separate product designed to give Dads a quick overview of what his students are studying that week. The idea is that he can listen to the CD in the car - I think each week's info is condensed into 5 - 10 minutes to give Dad the big picture. the A dnT qs are part of the curriculum, but evaluations and pop-quiz are separate products available for purchase. Hope this helps!

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