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    Rhetoric Question

    We plan to start rhetoric this coming school year but I am concerned about getting it all done. I want my daughter to experience all of the electives until we know where her interest is, but I know we can't fit it all in with a 36 week schedule. I considered stretching each week plan to take a week and a half, and school year-round (which we like to do anyway), but I have two problems with this plan. First, I don't think we can complete all four year plans doing it at a slower pace, even working through the summers. Second, I would like for her to take a class through LLC, which will require us to keep to the standard 36 week school year. So here is my ultimate question...Can we successfully do TOG on the rhetoric level (I also have UG at home too) and stick to the basics of history, literature, geography, and writing during the school year and then pick up the electives, like philosophy, fine arts, and government over the summer or are they all very closely tied to the week plans? Are some more tied to the week plans than others? We will start this fall with year plan 1, in case that matters. Of course, we also have additional classes - math, science, foreign language, making the idea of doing everything in a 36 week school year a daunting task. Any advise is welcome!

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    The core of Tapestry of Grace is History, Literature, and Writing. All else are electives, which means you don't have to do everything to feel like you have a well rounded curriculum. Many of the electives are tied closely to the year-plan simply because each relates to a specific time period. If you don't need any of these classes for meeting high school credit requirements I would either do them every other week (to see what your student really likes and wants to take in the future) or not at all. You can very easily get overwhelmed if you try it all at rhetoric level. I would also suggest if you are going to try a heavy workload in high school you may want to use our rhetoric literature cutting charts in the "Teaching Rhetoric Literature" section of the Loom. This can lighten the load substantially.

    Geography, while it is important and sometimes needed for a credit, is something that you could easily leave out or do during the summer. Philosophy can be done during the summer as well. For Fine Arts you could do part during the school year and part during the summer, for instance, study all the art/artist during the school year and all the music/composers during the summer. Government can be taken only for the time needed to achieve a credit. Worldview could be a summer credit or do it every other week. You could also take certain electives one year and do different electives the next year. There are many, many ways to do this. These are just general ideas and is not the way you need to do the curriculum at all if this is not the way you would like to implement it. Remember, make curriculum your slave, not your master! You are in control.

    The LLC classes do follow the 36 week guideline. While you can take longer to do the year-plan at the rhetoric level in my opinion, I think it is important to try to stay on schedule as much as possible. You can do this by not overloading yourself with abundant amounts of work. I hope this information helps! Have a great day!
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