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    My grade 9 daughter is about to embark on narrative essay writing. But we're a little confused as to what is actually means. I've tried searching for essay samples but most are personal narratives.

    Now Writing Aids mentioned that "the stories are ones that he already knows - they are always historical; the student does not author creative stories when writing a narrative essay."

    My daughter is great in creative writing but she's a bit stuck as to how to go about this with narrative essay (without authoring creative stories).

    If someone could give us a brief sample/outline, it would be a great help to us. Let's say we're doing the Ancient China topic : "The ancient CHinese are famous for their inventive abilities. Choose one outstanding invention and, using the narrative style (amd added fictional material as necessary), construct an essay that highlights this unique characteristic of early Chinese culture."

    My idea goes something like this (would this be correct for narrative essay)? :

    A story about a Chinese girl who watches in wonder how a silkworm egg turns into a cocoon, and then learns how it's turn into silk thread and cloth, as her mother works at it.
    (Sounds like I'm also authoring a creative story as well??)

    Bee Ling

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    Dear Bee,

    I am interested in others' responses, because we puzzled over this assignment, as well. My boys did write narrative essays (at least that is what I called them), but we did not use historical topics. Instead, they wrote about personal experiences. I'll paste one of them below.

    When the Fish Arenít Biting

    Can fishing be fun when you do not catch any fish? I discovered there are many things besides a bobber and line to watch whenever I go fishing, such as all manner of wildlife in Godís creation that lives in or near the water.

    I rolled out of bed at five-twenty A.M. and pulled on my clothes and shoes. I quietly tiptoed from my bedroom to the back door. Here I gathered my hat and congregated with the other early risers to prepare to leave on our first fishing trip of the spring.

    I went outside to finish some last minute chores, and then we climbed in the truck and pulled out of the driveway. Six thirty found my brother, dad, grandpa, and me leaving the bait store and heading out toward the R- landing. On the way, we gulped down honey buns for breakfast.

    We got to the landing about seven, just as the first light was starting to show in the early morning sky. We put the boat in the water and headed for our usual fishing spot. When we reached our spot, we baited our hooks and began casting for fish. I saw many fish popping the surface of the water, but I could not get a bite. We soon moved on along the edge of the lake, but still had no luck. The lack of fish, even at this early hour, did not mean that there were not interesting things to see and listen to.

    I could hear the constant, low sound of cows mooing from across the river, and there were a good many herons along the edge of the lake and flying across the surface of the water. We continued to fish all morning and had no luck, but there was certainly no lack of other vertebrates to be seen.

    Even though we saw nothing of what we had come to catch, we still noticed plenty of mud slider turtles piled in little mountains on top of floating logs. When we pulled into a growth of water lilies, we observed three water snakes sliding away from us, and we saw a couple water moccasins, one by the dock and the other on a dead log. Water bugs could be seen skimming quickly across the water, and every time we entered close to the shore to untangle a line, swarms of mosquitoes bombarded us. We spotted an alligator that morning as well as a huge dead turtle floating in the water. Therefore, despite the lack of seeing any fish, the trip was still interesting.

    Certainly, fishing can be very rewarding when one catches many fish; but even when nothing is biting, it can still be rewarding. Why? Because I get to admire Godís abundant creation on a fishing trip, even if I donít catch any fish.

    Susan in La
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