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Thread: Tips for adapting Y2 for a UK user?

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    Hi all!

    I have been using TOG for almost a year now, and am looking ahead to Y2. I see that we start to enter the world of US history. Will I need to add a lot to make things more "British" or is there enough European history to not make it necessary.

    The American emphasis seems to be putting off some potential British users. I would love to have some adaptation done to get more people to use it, but understand this would be a HUGE undertaking.

    Anyway, any help or input would be appreciated!


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    Hi Caroline,
    You will be okay in Units 1 and 2 since the American Colonies don't enter the picture until our Unit 3. At that point, I'd encourage you to look at the time line dates, which, in Year 2, which will end around 1800. By looking at the dates, you could grab a general British history book and follow the time frame fairly easily. We also have an alternate title called Kings and Queens of England and Scotland that you can use (page numbers in each week plan).

    Hope this helps.
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