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Thread: Level 9 Writing with T. Skidmore

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    My dd14 is currently enrolled in year 1 history and bridge literature for the fall. This is our first year with LLC and we are very excited. She will be starting 9th grade.

    I did not think she was quite ready for Rhetoric, and I think D level history and Bridge Lit would be a good place to start. I am now thinking of enrolling her in R writing for year 1 as well. I don't want to overwhelm her as this will be her first experience with online courses, but I feel like I'm not doing a great job teaching upper level writing. We have been using IEW and trying to use history topics.

    Any information you could offer as to the content of this course would be greatly appreciated in helping me decide whether I should scrape the money together for another tuition. I looked to see if there were any sample clips or screenshots, but there's not.

    I have just ordered and received year 1, and I will be looking over the writing prompts for level 9. Is it accurate to assume that these will be the genres covered in this class? If so, I'll have a better idea of what sort of writing she will be tackling.

    Thanks so much. We are so excited that TOG offers these classes for high school level.

    Lisa Armstrong

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    If you go to our course page and then click on Year 1 Rhetoric Writing you will see an brief overview of the class, which includes genres covered.

    Many of the writing prompts will come from the level 9 material but some may also come from the level 10 material.

    We have had many 9th graders in our writing classes this year and they did well.

    Your daughter might need to do a bit of additional research to answer some of the prompts as she is doing dialectic history and not rhetoric history. Though, we found that even some rhetoric students needed to do that this year as well.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further help.


    Barb Spanier
    Lampstand Learning Center

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