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    In Year 4 a week around 22 or 23 suggests the books Citizen of the Galaxy or Out of the Silent Planet. My dd is 11 and doing *some* dialectic because her reading level is much higher than the UG books. However, it was suggested to me that these books may not be appropriate. Are there any books that could be suggested to instead of these? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hi Renita,
    Some of Heinlein's works (especially the later ones) aren't appropriate for dialectic students, and we cannot freely recommend them. However, we feel that Citizen of the Galaxy is an excellent choice. Regarding Out of the Silent's quite possible that younger dialectic students won't be able to grasp the symbolism.

    So, all in all, I'd say to go with Citizen of the Galaxy...just my opinion.
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    There was a thread about these books a while back, in which I gave a rather wordy answer, which you might be interested in.
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