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    I posted a question about this under Yr 2 questions before I realized this category was here, so I'm reposting here. I'm pre-printing my student activity pages for Yr2, and I've run into an odd page-numbering issue. I printed all my pages from unit 1 without problem, but units 2-4 have something different about the pages. The numbers on the actual pages are normal, but the pdf-viewer (Adobe) displays them, for example, as: Sec1:12. That would be page 12. The only problem with that is that my printer won't accept that as a valid page number and I can't figure out how to print a range of pages. When I try to just put in the page number as normal, such as 12-15, I'll end up getting pages 25-28 or something else I don't want. Has anyone seen an issue like this before? I really don't want to have to print one page at a time for the next three units.

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    I have seen the page numbering like you say. I'm not sure about a direct conversion other than knowing that the first page is the first page not whatever adobe thinks.

    But there is a work around and I use it all the time for SAPS so I don't have to deal with page numbers at all.

    In an open document, go up to near the top left of the screen. At the very top will be the row that says "file" etc. Under that will be a row of icons. But on the left under that will be a gray bar next to your document. Click on the stack of two pages.

    This will open small thumbnails of the pages in your file. Scroll until you find the first page you wish the print, then hold down the shift key while using the down arrow to move down until you get all the pages you wish to print high lighted. Then either click the printer button up on the icon row or on the keyboard do CTRL-P. These open the print menu up. It should already have "print selected pages" selected. Hit print and you will have the pages you need.

    I use this because I can look for the colored dots in the corners of the pages and it is much quicker.

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    Thanks, Pat. I'll try that work-around. I did already find one way to print a string of pages, which is to look at the little gray bar at the bottom of the pdf file and see what page of what it is, such as 1 of 12 or 8 of 15. Then, I print page 1-3 or 8-12, depending on which pages I need. I've tried it once, and it worked, but I'll look at your suggestion and see how it works.

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