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Thread: Non-Catholic church history

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    I have a question about the Church History assignments. So far the only church history we have learned about is the Catholic church. I realize that the Catholic church had a tremendous amount of power and influence on the world at this time, but we would like to learn about the other Christian churches (for example the Annabaptists and Waldenses)that were present at the same time. Some churches trace their history to these groups, thus making them neither Catholic or Protestant, since they were already around at the Reformation and did not develop as a result of protesting the Catholic church. The only books I have on this subject are too difficult for my children to read. Will these topics be addressed in TOG later in the year or can you suggest some books that would not be too difficult for 12-14 year olds?

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    Hi Holly,
    Anabaptists and Waldens are addressed in the rhetoric level...possibly dialectic too. Offhand I don't remember the exact weeks, but at any rate, you don't need to add anything in.

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