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Thread: 2 exploring creation books in 1 year?

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    We're in the midst of Apologia Astronomy. My dd (who is only 6) loves science, but a lot goes over her pretty head at this point . Also, I'm really getting tired of the same subject.
    Sooo, I'm considering spending a week per chapter, rather than the recommended 2, then moving on to another book in the series when we're finished. So we'd finish 2 books in a year. We would then go through the entire series again when she's older (sort of the ToG thought coming through, I suppose).
    Anyone do this or know of any reason I wouldn't want to do this? Otherwise I'm considering using AiG's science. I really, really like the Apologia series; I just don't like the entire year being spent on one topic...I'm already anxious to move on to something else. Thanks for any input you can offer!
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    I wish I'd found your thread sooner! Yes, we do use 2 Apologia Young Explorers books every year and it works very well for us. The way I have it set up now each child will go through each book twice between grades k-6. The first time through I just have the kids listen and take what they can. The second time (or about 4th grade on) I have them also do a lapbook from Live N' Learn press to make them work harder at retaining more of the information. We spend about a semester on each book and I make my own schedule by breaking the reading down into 4-6 page chunks interspersed with the activities and experiments. We're working through Zoo 3 right now and I've been very pleased with how much DS 6 is retaining. I didn't really have any expectations of him except that he would listen and do the experiments. It's been great to see how much he has picked up after all! Hope this helps and you find something that works for your family.

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