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Thread: Catholic viewpoint

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    Hi I am Jackie in Germany: co-moderator of TOG-Catholic--a yahoo group. It has been a long time since we originally posted that we started this group--my gosh May seems so long ago! Marcia was gracious enough to include it on the site as part of the re-design but in case you didn't know we exist I wanted to put out a reminder--
    you can find us at

    We are 62 members strong-the group isn't as active as, say, TLT but it fills a void and provides so much information--I am humbled by the knowledge our members possess and how they happy they are to share it!

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    I am co-moderator with Jackie for the Catholic TOG yahoogroup.
    I recently ordered my redesigned Y2 so that I can prepare for next year in advance since we'll be moving this summer.
    I see that Martha is in C'ville - we lived there 99-00 (youngest ds was born there).
    We are moving to the Huntsville, AL area

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    I can't tell you how thankful I am for this thread! What a blessing! I'm a rookie Catholic and I am quite excited about starting TOG. I feel that TOG will allow me to add in items of a Catholic interest (such as biographies of various saints, etc.) - but as a rookie I will greatly value any insight I can find with regard to doctrine. I look forward to joining the Catholic TOG yahoo group.


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    Hello Catholic Faith,
    I realize this thread is rather old, but I'm wondering if you (or anyone else on this thread) can share which Catholic Encyclopedia you like. We've been using ToG for several years, and about to begin Year 2 again. I'm currently looking for Catholic resources to add / supplement our studies. Also, I noticed that that, unfortunately, the Catholic ToG Yahoo Group is not really very active at all.
    Thanks in advance for any information you might share.

    Quote Originally Posted by Catholic Faith View Post
    Dear Marcia,

    I am a Catholic home school mom grateful to be using T.O.G. Before home schooling, I taught Writing and Literature full time at Bethel College (and elsewhere). I am writing as someone using your materials but also as someone who taught research methods on a regular basis--I do also realize you are one person who has undertaken a huge project, and I appreciate those efforts. It is difficult because you are now presenting your materials not just for your family or for your church families but to people of many Christian traditions.
    One suggestion that I'm asking you to prayerfully consider is to incorporate, as you do the World Book Encyclopedia, the Catholic Encyclopedia for those occasions in which you represent the Catholic viewpoint in Wk. 16-18.
    One difficulty I found is in the citation of R.C. Sproul on "Imputed Righteousness: the Evangelical Doctrine" to represent the Catholic position. He is right in pointing to both baptism and penance as contributing to justification on the sinner. In describing the Catholic position, however, Sproul concludes: "For God to justify a person, the person must first become just."
    This is not true. Cahtolic Christians do not in any way earn their justification.
    In penance, all that is required is a contrite heart.
    Since the TOG curriculum is so careful to use the WorldBook Encyclopedia throughout, it would be a reasonable extension to include the Catholic Encyclopedia on justification or other issues of faith.
    Please follow up in some way on this issue--it is a shame to spread an untruth about a sister or brother's faith.
    Please quote from the Catholic Encyclopedia when representing the Catholic viewpoint. It will help clarify issues and models clear research methods--primary source material first then secondary (in such a case, Protestant commentary on a topic serves as a secondary source). Not all difficulties are avoided thereby, but I think it will help clarify for people the actual stance of the Catholic church.

    Please, no flames,

    Bless you Marcia, for all the good work you are doing on behalf of home school parents,

    Catholic Faith

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