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Thread: cookie dough maps

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    I just saw the cookie dough recipe on the Loom to make maps with instead of using salt dough. I know this will appeal to my kids, but I have a couple of questions:
    1. I didn't see any baking instructions, so I'm assuming you don't bake this. Does it ever harden, or does it stay kind of mushy?
    2. How does it taste??

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    The one on the Loom now is not baked, just shape and decorate. The maps taste like peanut butter balls.

    I sometimes have my children and co-op students make a map from baked sugar cookie dough. Each student gets a big rectangle cookie baked in an 9 x 12 tray. Students use icing, sprinkles and candy to map out the land and they can still stick the marker flags in the cookie.
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    Hello Michelle,

    I have not used the recipe onthe Loom, but my guys have made cookie dough maps using sugar cookie dough - the kind you chill and roll out. We roll out the dough on baker's parchment on a baking stone and indicate physical features like rivers and mountains before baking. Colored sugar sprinkles can be added now to show elevation or vegetation variation as well. After baking (generally a liitle longer at a lower temp than called for in the recipe)we decorate! Shiny blue icing is great for showing rivers, esp if you have made a track for them before baking. Chocolate chips can be mountains or pyramids (kisses work well, too, if you need bigger mountains. Coconut makes good snow. After admiring our creations, eating is the best part! This project is best when the weather is a bit cooler - the dough gets too warm too fast in hot weather. wow, I am ready to do some mapping!

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    I tried this, and the maps changed on baking - the dough raised, and the map became one big cookie. Does anyone have a recipe for cookie dough that doesn't do that? TIA,
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    Brand new to homeschooling and had an "interesting" week. We did the cookie dough map (chocolate chips included_ and of course a few added to show the Nile) I just used a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe. We had a blast! I should have taken a picture BEFORE I baked it! I sent a picture of it to our loved ones anyway- it was yummy after-wards but looked like a huge blob!

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    We used egg yolk paint on a flat cookie. Mix 1 egg yolk with 1/4 tsp water, divide unto mini muffin tin cups and mix in a little color. This recipe said paste colors but I think we just used drops. We had green grass, blue water, yellow deserts, etc. Then after you bake, you can still see some of the landforms. Mountains of course wouln't work very well...maybe hershey's kisses...yum!

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