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    Can anyone help me out with the presentation of the salt at the medieval banquet? What are you supposed to say exactly?
    Likewise with the upper crust ceremony -- I have looked at several sites but none of them actually tell you what to do.
    thanks Donna

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    We just presented the salt to the "king" and explained to the guests what it means (sort of a teaching medieval feast instead of authentic). I hope that helps. Someone posted their feast program on the loom, and I copied this from it:

    SURVEYOR: Presents the salt to the guests at the High Table.
    Salt, a most valuable spice, signifies rank. The
    most noble sits “above the salt”. The other guests
    sit “below the salt”. Remembering this
    ceremony, modern people often speak of a
    place of honor as “above the salt”.

    There is another explanation on this site posted on the Loom:
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