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Thread: Long Shot, paper soldiers

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    A long time ago, I remember seeing on some printable site, a set of paper soldiers. You could print them out. Anyone know what I'm talking about and can you help me track them down?

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    Never mind Found what I was looking for after a did an exact wording search.
    Here's the link for Junior General Civil War Junior General Civil War.

    They're tiny printable paper soldiers that you can set up on the battle field. They even have civil war battles they can reenact.


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    My son printed out a full army of little paper soldiers when we studied the Middle Ages this year. He made a paper castle from the files on Junior General and it came out great. All of the Dialectic boys in our co-op played a big battle game one afternoon to reinforce what we were learning in class. It was a big hit!

    They have also enjoyed the links to Matrix games on this website. We are studying Colonial times right now and went to Old Salem in NC for a trip. On the way home the boys played a Matrix game in the car based on Colonial Times. It's hard to explain, but easy to play and great for those boys in the logic stage. They love to negotiate!

    Here's a link to the Matrix stuff we used to get us started. I have not checked out this web site, so I suggest you clear it for your child before turning them loose. We just used it for the rules.


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