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    We are wrapping up unit 2 (Y3) and I am planning on moving my upper grammar daughter up to dialectic as we start unit 3. I am wondering how essential The Gift of Music is to our lessons? I am a little stressed about the increase in work load as she moves into dialectic (more on me than her as she loves doing her TOG assignments). Would we be missing out on a lot if we skipped The Gift of Music in Y3?
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    I really like this book, but you could certainly leave it out.

    If you add it in, maybe do it as a read aloud and get a recording from the library to listen to.

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    Thank you for the input!

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    I have just read it out loud to my kids. I like the book so far.

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    If G.O.M. is too wordy for you, you might just read your teacher notes to your kids & listen to some of the composer's music.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I think we might just do that. I don't want to miss out on learning about great composers but I already feel like our time is limited and I still need to cut out some book purchases to stay within an already expanded book budget.

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