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Thread: How to use graphic organizers?

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    My Writing Aids is scheduled to arrive on Friday, so perhaps the answer to my question is there . . . unfortunately, we're working on graphic organizers today! My DS is in Level 3, Week 2, and I have no idea how to use a Ladder Diagram or a Describing Wheel. I have searched high and low for answer and haven't been able to find instructions for this. I could probably figure out the wheel (place the topic in the center and write ideas around the "spokes"?) but the ladder diagram still escapes me. Would someone please point me in the right direction?


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    The ladder diagram is usually used for some type of writing that involves sequencing, or writing things in a certain order. So, usually starting at the bottom (although it really doessn't matter), the student writes words or phrases about his topic matter, in order.

    You've got it right about the describing wheel.

    With graphic organizers, two of things to remember are:
    1) the student doesn't have to write in complete sentences
    2) the purpose is to have a place to gather thoughts for the rough draft later. If there aren't enough details on the graphic organizer, it becomes more difficult to write an adequate paper.

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    Thanks for your quick reply. This helps a lot.

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