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Thread: Anyone else interested in a Year 1 virtual co-op for D or R hx or lit?

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    If so, please leave a message here and let me know how to contact you, or contact me directly at We've a group of women who have are finishing up Year 4, and are open to others who are like-minded and hearted in joining us. Blessings,

    jan in MN

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    We would definantely be interested for D level...I would have 2 students.

    I can be contacted by email best:


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    ozarks of AR
    I am interested! I have a D and an R. We will be using Classic Y1. I hope that won't be a problem.

    I'm at:

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    I am interested. I will either have 2 D or 1 D and 1 R. I am curious to know how a virtual coop would work.


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    Hi Jan,

    My computer crashed and we cannot reopen Outlook. Fortunately we knew the old one was on its way out and were able to order a new one. At any rate, your kind response to my interest in the Year 1 co-op was lost. Would you please give me a second chance. I appreciate it.


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    Hi, Debbie,

    I would be happy to re-send it, but I will not be able to until Sunday or Monday, as I'm out of town and not on the computer on which that e-mail is stored. So please be patient, and I will send it by Monday. I'm sorry to hear about your computer's demise -- it's never convenient!


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    Hi, Debbie,

    I'm starting to re-surface from our busy-ness, and tried to re-send the letter you had requested, but it bounced. The e-mail address I had used previously apparently is not working. Can you post an address to which I could send you the letter once more? Thank you, and also for your patience.


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    Hi Jan in MN
    I would be interested in the virtual co-op not sure if you have started and not sure what to expect. we are starting TOG as soon as I order Y1 today. I have a 1D and a soon to be D.
    I would love more info.
    thanks Jacqueline

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    I would be interested, if it is not too late. I would have two dialectic students.

    Rejoicing in Him,

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    I am interested as well. Could you send me information?[EMAIL]
    Wife to one amazing dh
    Mom to 5 dc
    17 yo R
    14 yo D
    11 yo UG
    9 yo LG
    and 7 yo LG

    Our fifth year using TOG
    Year 4

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