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Thread: Timeline Dates to Memorize

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    I would like my kiddos to have a basic framework of dates in their noggins, and am looking for a "List" as I am date challenged (which is why I feel it important for my kids). I thought that I could use the list of key dates on the weekly overview, but that looks pretty extensive for just a week's worth. I also checked out what is listed in the end of unit exams and that looks a little light. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone else having their kids make cards and memorize specific dates?


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    This is our first year doing "serious" timeline work. I created a timeline from command strips, ribbon, and toothpicks. I know a little weird - but it was cheap!

    I have picked out what I feel to be important "spine" dates. I am not choosing every date available. I have created little 3x5 cutouts of a picture (from google) that represents the time period plus the date range and an explanation. We place them on the timeline together.

    We go over these dates daily along with the I call the Unit Memory Verse (from the Unit overview) along with any other TOG "instruction" I want drilled into their heads. We are in Yr 1 currently, so almost daily we review the 4 characteristics of myths and we review what the Bible teaches.

    If you would like, I can send you a pic of my bargain basement timeline just email me at and I will send it to you.

    I hope this helps!

    DD 11 - 1st yr D
    DS 10 - 1st yr UG

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    You don't indicate the age of your children, but the younger they are the fewer dates you want to use. I assume from this that they are UG or LG level.

    Tapestry actual suggests waiting because developmentally children really don't have a great handle on time sequences. However you could certainly pull out dates on your own using the Tapestry materials.

    One thing to do is to pick one date per week. By the end of the year this would give you 36 key dates. Then as they get older you could increase that.

    The other way to go is to look at the full scope of the year and pick out important dates and have a much more limited set.

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    Thanks for the helps.

    The kids range from late UG to R. I think we're are going to use the dates from the Unit Test - that works out to a couple a week. Since we have been doing more memorization lately (we're just finished memorizing all the countries, capitals, and flags of Europe for first semester, doing Asia second semester) I have found that the youngers do ALOT better than the olders, so I really want to get this into their heads sooner rather than later. Part of this is that the olders have SO MUCH other stuff to do in high school that it gets put on the back burner, harder to train them in doing it EVERY day. My youngest is 11, so she's got SOME understanding of what she's memorizing. She actually independently has gotten some of the Ancient History stuff in her head from what we did for first semester (with another curriculum). However, I agree with TOG in that I don't see the greater detail of a detailed timeline as valuable until later. Also, when I got out the SAT vocab cards for my 12 year old, she told me she was excited to memorize more vocabulary as she had been having to look up a lot of words lately (actually she specifically said that the author she's reading uses a lot of ADJECTIVES that she doesn't know - I was tickled pink). I was thinking it was a little early, but apparently not. It will be a challenge to get the contexts right for her to truly understand the uses of some of the words, but she will be that much further ahead on the process than her highschool brothers are.

    This is our first experience with TOG, so I'm still flailing around. We start on Monday with Unit One of Year Two.....

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