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Thread: Unit 3 "Colonial American Project"?

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    Can anyone tell me any suggestions for the proposed 8-week project?

    It is suggested for all three Levels under Activities.

    thank you!

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    I came up with a list of different projects from looking at reading materials from the times and let my children pick one major project each plus we would work on smaller ones together. So, my 10 dd chose making a basket and I ordered a basketry kit from an online source. My 9 ds chose a leather knife pouch and 7dd chose a leather fringed bag/pouch and I ordered kits from another online source. We also made mozzarella cheese together (kit from and we will be making quill pens next week (from our chickens' feathers...hope it works?). The other projects they didn't pick were making a braided rug or cross-stitch sampler. You can also dip candles, but mine have done that before. Just flip through your books and let them pick from some projects that will take a little longer than just one sitting. Do some "one sitting" projects together.

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    My family of 8 children have done projects for years. Every time it is a little different, but fun. I have 5 children doing all levels in TOG. I have them each take two topics from that unit and report on it. The older students will have to have a report that is longer than my 6 year old. When we did Knights our 6 year old reported on a book that I read to him about how a boy trains to be a knight. Even though I wrote down the information, he basically learned the information by heart. It was a little choppy at times and I would prompt him about the next section to talk about. Each of my children are also asked to do two crafts. They can be large or small. We made candles, armor out of foil, weapons out of card board, snacks from the internet for middle ages, the girls raided moms dresses and wore costumes (even my 15 year old daughter). We also took all my glass items broken over the past couple of months and made a beautiful mosaic step for my garden. It was a group effort. Each child gets very excited to present this to dad and any guest we may have. It is about 1 and a half hours so we usually eat early so we can be done before bedtime. I have my older kids be in charge of the order of the reports. This way they learn responsibility. Your doesn't have to be a detailed, but I think it is important to regularly have our homeschool children learn to give reports in front of others. You never know what God will have for the future in speaking in public. Don't forget to take pictures and video tape if possible. Hope this helps. Blessings Bonnie

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    One of the things we are going to do for our Unit 3 celebration is to get a trifold and put a map of the 13 colonies (that they draw) in the middle of the trifold and each of the five kids is going to do a report on the states. (The older kids get to do 3, and the youngers do 2). These will go around the map on the trifold.

    The kids also made a video using Playmobile figures of the beginnings of Jamestown.

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    more info on wooden fort kit

    We found a very inexpensive "wooden fort" kit from JoAnn's or Michael's (sorry I can't remember), and we built it with three sides instead of 4 to resemble Jamestown, so there were some unused parts. We also found a beginner-level needlepoint project. Finally, I found some old-fashioned floral craft paper on sale and we have been doing a quilt block of the month using different paper patterns that we glue together on an 8" square piece of white paper. This is a super tie-in to math. The quilt block of the month patterns are on a site called Craftsy.

    I just searched for the wooden fort kit: looks like it is made by Darice (#9181-23) and Amazon also sells it for under $6. As I said, we made it triangular with a little reinforcement at the corners.
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