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Thread: UG & D level questions

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    Coming up on the last co-op classes for UG and D History. Could I pick your brains for suggestions for a final class? We've already played Jeopardy and HangMan using terms from that week's material. I would like a group activity preferably one in which lots of students could participate instead of a team activity in which one or two answer all the q's.

    Looking forward to hearing your awesome ideas!
    Teresa in NC

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    Hi Teresa,
    Off the top of my head, here are a few ideas for you:

    <UL TYPE=SQUARE> <LI> Win, Lose, or Draw: Students draw a term/event/person, and the others have to guess.
    <LI> Concentration: Try a new version in which students have a card with a person/event/question, and the person with the answer on the card steps forward.
    <LI> Trivia: Make two teams; each team comes up with ten questions (and their answers) and tries to stump the other team.
    <LI>Jeopardy: Person who knows the answer first rings the bell (taps the table, or whatever).
    <LI>Book drill: Kind of like a Bible bring their books and the first person to find the place with the answer to the question steps forward.[/list]

    With three boys, I was frequently coming up with games and such...probably could think of more later, but hopefully these, and those that others suggest, will get you started!
    Dana C. in TN
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