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Thread: Alternate books for Orthodox families?

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    I'm looking at TOG year 2 (LG and UG levels) and really liking what I see, but am a little concerned about a few books selections (Trial and Triumph specifially, but there are others). Are there alternates listed somewhere for Orthodox/Catholic families?

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    Hi Dama! I also saw your post on the Orthodox Classical Curriculum group. I am also heading into year 2 next year, and am going to start researching this myself. I would be happy to share any information I come across, and would be interested to know what you find also.


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    Hi Halie,
    Glad to know I'm not the only one doing this! Thanks for your response.

    Just to add info to this thread:
    We own A History of the Church by John Mason Neale, put out by Paidea classics, but it only gives history up to the Council of Chalcedon, so it not a good substitute for Year 2 Trial and Triumph. I have yet to find one or two resources that will take it from there. I really don't want to have to put one together myself, but I guess a chronological reading of saints lives might do it. Just sort of defeats the purpose of using TOG for me...I don't want to have to do all the work anymore! :P

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    Hi Ladies,
    I am not Orthodox but rather Roman Catholic. But I wanted you to know that a TOG Catholic Yahoo Group exists. You might find some helpful alternate resources in the files section of that group. Just FYI.


    PS - We're headed into Year 2 again as well.
    Beginning cycle 3 with 1 off to college, 1 in Rhetoric, 1 in Dialectic, and our five year old along for the ride.

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