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Thread: Accountability Questions

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    I was wondering if anyone types up their accountability questions? Is there a source out there that has the Church History questions or the Accountability questions already typed up? Kind of like a TOG repository? I type up all the questions that on are the student pages b/c I allow my kids to type up their answers. Many times I assign them to answer the questions in Key Word outlines.

    Sometimes the less actual handwriting that they have, the less tears we have. I still make them write out a lot of other stuff, I just want to pare down some of it.


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    I you have DE, you can use the Workbook Content and copy and paste into a word processor. Then you can format it the way you want. My ds does it himself and then types the answers in under each question.
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    You can do this whether you have DE or print. The "workbook content" files are found on the Loom, on the Loom section of DE and on the Loom disc that comes with the print version. They are copies of the Student Activity Pages, and you can copy/paste them into a word processor and then edit them however you wish.

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