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    My daughter is 9 yr old and reads at an average level. She struggles with reading comprehension. I read the suggestion to work with her on summarizing. Are there any other techniques or tools I should be aware of? I am concerned about her ability to progress forward if this area does not improve. Thank you!

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    My 11 yo is in a similar state. I've come to the conclusion he needs to read more. It doesn't need to be a high level, just more.

    However, we've also used Reading Detective, a series from the Building Thinking Skills company which has helped him with standardized testing which our state requires. Finally, I am also using the Writing With Ease workbooks from Peace Hill Press and focusing on narration in particular with them, but really, narration of anything would work.

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    You might also work with her on "Finding the Main Idea" exercises.

    Have you had her checked for any processing disorders or other learning disabilities? It's always possible, but sometimes, as Pat says, practice with lower-level stuff can REALLY help. We used comic books for this purpose, especially TinTin and Asterix (both at our public library!).


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