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Thread: Cookie dough maps

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    could someone tell me again how they use these. I have seen a couple of suggestions of using store bought cookie dough or using the no bake recipe on the Loom. If you do the no bake, I guess it is still edible?

    I am guessing that if using the no bake and I wanted to do a map of Egypt for week 1, I would just indicate the Nile River, the Delta, Red Land, Black Land and any other of the geographical terms we have talked about?

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    I use a peanut butter candy recipe for our edible maps. But we are allergic to peanuts so actually I use soy nut butter, dry milk and honey. Mix to consistency of playdough/silly puddy. It makes a healthy delicious snack too...except for my daughter who's also allergic to milk...ugh have fun and make sure you refridgerate it. The milk will get sour if left out.

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    Yummy topic! We have done cookie maps a few times. We use a good sugar cookie dough (my Christmas cookie receipe, rolled out thin on parchment paper and baked on a stone baking sheet. Before baking, indicate where any rivers are. You can also play with elevations, but that affects baking results - sealevel is done before the mountains! Some decorating can be done before baking. For example, you can use various colors of sugar crystals to show desert or forest areas, etc. After baking and cooling, you can add shiny blue icing in a tube to line the rivers. An easy powdered sugar and water or milk icing can be used to adhere any kind of candy you might wish to show mountains, pyramids, cities, trade routes (skinny red vines!). Even high school boys really still enjoy this activity - at least at my house - because they get to eat the fruit of their labors! Nearly immediate gratification! - they do have to wait until I take a picture. I wish we had more time to do things like this! Enjoy your maps and have a good time with them - perfection is impossible to achieve with a cookie map, but retention and enjoyment are very doable!

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