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    Has anyone split Y2 up over two years? I don't understand how we are expected to thoroughly cover all this at this pace. I am DROWNING! We studied the Mongols two weeks ago and today my UG daughter was asking "Now WHO is Genghis Khan again?" ARGH!!! So now we are almost done with Unit 1, I feel like they have learned almost nothing- lots of fun stuff during the Feudal period were skipped because we had no time, and now I don't know what to do!

    Should we go back over unit 1? Should we continue on to U2 but go at half rate? If I do
    that it means we will be done with the first half of Y2 by mid March. So that means we will be done WAY before the school year is over- but I don't want to start U3 and have to pause for a long summer break (we have extensive travels planned from May-July).... I just don't know what to do...

    Thoughts anyone???

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    Awww. Take a deep breath! God is good and you were NEVER EVER meant to do everything, every idea, that is offered in TOG. It's SO important to realize that--as with most of our lives--you have to make choices based on what's best for you and your unique family! I REALLY REALLY mean this. There is no way for any curriculum provider to make a plan that will serve everyone perfectly as written, so first of all: BE RELEASED to do TOG however you feel led!

    MANY people with younger children have done the program at half pace. Some do the readings (mostly) for the first week and maybe start some activities, then in the second week they do activities and, say Geography/Vocab work. Others split the two weeks between subjects: all math/science one week, and the humanities the next, in concentration. ETC. There are a thousand ways to do it.

    Until your eldest children are in high school, there is NO compelling reason to go full speed with TOG, if that's not your preference.

    I hope this releases and encourages you!

    As for going back: why not? Go back over the high points, and linger over those activities that you felt would benefit, but were rushed. Remember, please, that the Grammar years are not the ones for mastery. Your goal is to INTRODUCE the large figures and big events of history. An UG child should get two more passes over these periods of history. One good strategy is to sit down with the unit you just finished and (in big brush strokes--take about an hour on this) plan out what you'd do over the same material when your eldest was in Jr. High and then again as a High School student. You'll see that there's plenty to do, but that you want to LEAVE SOME for later years! You can concentrate, for instance, on a time line project in jr/sr high so that she knows EXACTLY who Genghis Kahn is!

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    One thing we do is to have a "review" week after each unit where we tie up loose ends, do (or finish) projects, review the highlights, and plan presentations for an audience (maybe just Dad.) Every 10th week of school we do this. It is a relaxing and fun week for everyone, and I feel like I completed my goals at the end. Take two weeks if you need to. Doing a 9 week unit in 10 or 11 weeks gets it done faster than half pace would. Year 2 is challenging because all of the topics are so interesting. When I do it again, I will be carefully choosing my goals. I plan to stretch out the weeks I want to emphasize more, and combine others.

    just a thought.

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    Yes, some of us do split Year 2 into two years- even if we have High Schoolers. A group of us has been doing TOG together for over eight years now. The last time we did Year 2 we disappointed because it seemed we skipped so much of Unit 2 in our co op due to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years... etc. So this second time around for the group we decided to break it up. I have not yet gotten feedback from everyone- but last year was great (our first half of year 2).. We do have High Schoolers, I am not concerned with credits because there is still plenty of reading but I do not give a separate Lit credit but include it in with their English credit. Tapestry is so rich and there is so much do to, so we can all decide how best is suits our family. My only advice though is that if you think you might be taking a year (two is probably the only one to do this with) over two years, try to go heavy in dialectic on the year they won't cover in High School. I will try to add some of the literature my daughter will be missing and do a quick review of the US History she will be missing too....
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    Thanks for all your responses. This is our second year with TOG and I have no problem just picking and choosing- it's just this year we seem to be leaping over large parts of information and I want to be able to slow down and savor it! My UG daughter is actually bridging into D and so her work load has increased- especially the reading. Anyhow, the suggestion to do one week with just the reading and the second for everything else sounds like a wonderful relief! I am SO happy to be able to cover this super-fun year properly!

    Thanks for you help!

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