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Thread: Western Civilization by Spielvogel - earlier editions?

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    Is there by any chance a listing by sections instead of page numbers for this book? I already own the Fourth Edition - Comprehensive Volume and would love to use that instead of purchasing a newer edition.

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    Hi Laurie,
    No, sorry to say that there isn't. To figure out page numbers, use the index to match topics and then check and make sure the dates are the right ones for your week-plan.

    Hope this helps!
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    I have the 5th edition and by using the topics on the reading chart it has been relatively easy to match up the readings. They are usually not more than a page or two off. I turn to the page listed and then just flip forwards or back 'til I find the correct heading.

    I would think you could use the edition you have without too much trouble.
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    Thank you Dana and Sharon. Your replies are very helpful and I appreciate you taking the time.

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