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Thread: Y2loom HELP

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    I'm reposting here, since this more of a technical area.
    My Y2 Loom CD isn't working.
    I purchased Y2 in print 4 yrs. ago.
    When I insert the CD, nothing comes up; I get blank white screen.
    We've begun school for the yr & my R level son really needs to be able to access the info.
    Would appreciate any help you can offer.

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    You can try to put it into another computer's CD drive to see there's something wrong with the CD. If it doesn't work on the other computer, call our Customer Service department at 1-800-705-7487 and ask about a replacement Loom CD.

    If it DOES work on the other computer, it means there's something wrong with your internet browser settings. Let us know which it is.

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    Thanks for your suggestion. It did work on a different computer.
    I hadn't thought of trying that because previous LOOM discs had played on the computer on which Y2 now doesn't work
    Will try & reset things.
    Thanks again.

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